Service & Repair

Lift Maintenance and Repair

At Pinnacle, we have a more intelligent approach to service and repair.

Combining safety, reliability and all-important sustainability.

We use our knowledge of the industry and lift manufacturers to provide smarter solutions.

Often more cost-effective solutions.

We have an approach that’s a little smarter than most.

We look at the bigger picture. Interrogating lift use, maintenance cycles and more to create a solution that not only fits your business. But adapts to it too.

We combine our in-depth industry knowledge, understanding of the different environments elevators are used, and wrap it all up in a level of service that inspires confidence from the very first contact.

Customer Testimonial

Our lift had failed and the company who had serviced it for many years were unable to fix it. We contacted Pinnacle Elevators and our lift was working again very quickly. Everyone is overjoyed with the guys at Pinnacle.

Additional Services

‘Evergreen’ Modernisation/Service Agreements
Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual service visits.
Flexible Service Agreements Catering to the Needs of the Client
Competitive Service, Call-Out, and Repair Prices

What’s new

Pinnacle Elevators are pushing ahead with some changes to our website and information which will provide consistency for visitors to our site.  

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So far, 2022 has shown a steady growth in terms of service, modernisation and new lifts. Our service portfolio is truly national providing support to a number of well known ‘brands’.

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