Evergreen Service

Our Evergreen ServicE

When it comes to maintaining lifts, the need for safety, longevity and reliability are nothing new. But how we deliver it is. 

Introducing our ground-breaking, Evergreen Service. A whole new, smarter, more sustainable way to save cost and save carbon – all in one. 

Taking a radically different approach to lift service and maintenance, the Evergreen Service is today’s sustainable answer to lifts in residential developments where there’s a yearly service charge.

Lift refurbishments can be expensive. We’ve thought about that and created a service that offers peace of mind, and all-important affordability.

How it works:

  • Our Evergreen Service works like an insurance policy. 
  • We upgrade the outdated equipment and then take full responsibility for maintaining the lift and spread the costs over 10 years. So no big repair costs, just easier budgeting and complete peace of mind.  
  • We focus on making it more sustainable too with a range of carbon reduction technologies. 
  • We install energy-saving components such as LED lighting and intelligent energy management systems to put lifts into sleep mode when not in use. 
  • We can also install advanced energy recovery systems to generate power when in use.  

It’s time for a partner that’s committed to raising standards. One that promises more.

Customer Testimonial

Our lift had failed and the company who had serviced it for many years were unable to fix it. We contacted Pinnacle Elevators and our lift was working again very quickly. Everyone is overjoyed with the guys at Pinnacle.

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Pinnacle Elevators are pushing ahead with some changes to our website and information which will provide consistency for visitors to our site.  

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So far, 2022 has shown a steady growth in terms of service, modernisation and new lifts. Our service portfolio is truly national providing support to a number of well known ‘brands’.

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