Superior Lift Modernisation

Lifts and escalators are not designed to last forever, on average 20 years is the maximum expected lifetime. Building conditions, equipment quality, usage, and environment are all factors to be considered which may affect the performance of the equipment. Pinnacle Elevators only use the most reliable equipment and encourage regularly taking advantage of our life-cycle programming and lift upgrade services.

Covid has made many of us reassess how we use our spaces. And even as things return to normal, some changes will be here to stay.

Which can leave your traditional lift maintenance or repair schedules out of sync with how they are being used.

It’s why we have a more tailored, more sensible approach that’s much more sustainable too. Opting to adjust maintenance cycles to match lift use are just a couple of ways we can reduce costs, be more sustainable and still offer our trademark high level of personal service.

Disability Discrimination Act Modifications
Energy Efficient Control and Drive System Upgrade
Door Operating System Upgrade
Lift Interior Modernisation
Operating Pushes and Information Display Upgrade

Pinnacle Elevators upgrades lifts of all types and have tailor-made packages to suit every requirement. We always listen to your needs prior to offering carefully thought out and professionally prepared repair and modernisation solutions. We provide a free survey which is carried out by a qualified engineer. If you are looking at having a lift installed, refurbished, or maintained, we are always able to help.

We’ve all experienced it…… waiting around for a lift in large buildings such as offices, hospitals, and hotels. It’s not unusual to see numerous people waiting in the reception area or at specific floors for long periods waiting for the lift, flying past without ever seeming to stop to pick you up. Our ‘Destination Control’ system is the answer! This system is easily fitted and can dramatically improve traffic flow in multiple lift car group installations.

Our lift controllers offer features such as remote monitoring, energy saving modes, quick installation time, and bespoke designs, all with the advantage of being fitted to a diverse range of lift makes and models. Our lift controllers for new lifts or refurbishments are among the very best within the lift industry.